Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Sekarang ni St lah masa kawan2 kita yang berbangsa tiong-hua tengah makan besar ngan family diorang..hum nyum2...St ucapkan selamat tahun baru untuk korang semua...Hopefully tahun lembu ni bertuah hendaknya.
St lak skrg tengah bertenet kat cc ni...skrg ni masa untuk bertenet ni terhad sangat. Bz ngan keje la katakan.he3..Virtual Printed International, itulah nama co yang St tgh keje skrg ni...konvo xlama lagi nampaknya. xsabar pun ade, xsemangat pn ader jugak.macam2 la.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang - Imran Ajmain


Imran Ajmain - selamat ulang tahun sayang

Birthday St beru je beberapa hari berlalu..menjengah usia 24..tua plak rasanya...tapi sangat terharu bila my sweet gurl dedicated kat radio...sinar fm..meeeeeemang ni lagu permintaan dia...St letakkan kat sini..

Imran Ajmain - selamat ulang tahun sayang



Alhamdulillah...bukannya susah, ucapkanlah alhamdulillah...itulah last St dapat jugak keje...sekarang melepak di Ipoh..esok start keje...berkat doa korang semua...ahlamdillah..bermulalah St di alam pekerjaan yang penuh pancaroba ini..ahek...
alkisahnya jugak tangan St yang dah pulih...berparot. tapi xpe..baru nampak macho ckit..ahaks..St

Monday, January 5, 2009

Review Album MOcca

Best sangat dapat artikel ni....


Colours“Colours” is the band’s third full album.

“This is a highlight of Mocca’s musical journey up to now. It’s quite colourful. There are stories about Mocca’s relationship with Indonesia, it’s local scene, the fans or the relationship among the band’s personels” says Riko, “The lyrics in this album represents excitements, disappointments, confusions, anger, jealousy, cynicism, and happiness. So people could openly interpret the meanings of each lyrics.”

From the musical point of view, Colours underlies that Mocca today is the one who plays with sincerity.

01. I Love You Anyway
02. Dear Diary
03. Sing
04. You Don’t Even Know Me
05. You
06. Hyperballad
07. 7 Days Ago
08. The Best Thing
09. Let Me Go
10. Do What You Wanna Do
11. Cheat
12. Object of My Affection

Untuk Rena

Untuk RenaOne fine day on a Sunday afternoon, I can’t wait to get out of my room, to see the trees and watch the flower bloom. It was so great to listen to a nice, cheerful and pumpy country song.

This mini-album, which previously called Sunday Afternoon, was released under the title: Untuk Rena – inspired by the movie ‘Untuk Rena’ directed by Riri Riza.

01. Sunday Afternoon
02. Sebelum Kau Tidur
03. Hanya Satu
04. Friend (acoustic version)
05. Happy
06. Sunday Afternoon (alternate version)


Friends“Friends” an album surrounded by songs that influenced by sounds of big band jazz. Not only it features a duet with Indonesia’s respected and renowned icon Mr. Bob Tutupoly, there’s also a collaboration with Karolina Komstedt, leading lady from Sweden’s pop duo ‘Club 8′

01. On The Night Like This
02. I Think I’m In Love
03. My Only One
04. Friend
05. Lucky Man
06. I Would Never… feat. Karolina Komstedt
07. You And Me Against The World
08. Buddy Zeus
09. This Conversation Feat. Bob Tutupoly
10. How Wonderful Life Would Be
11. Swing It Bob! Feat. Bob Tutupoly
12. It’s Over Now

My Diary

My DiaryTheir debut album My Diary contains 13 songs which were written sequentially based on their story telling concept.

The concept was illustrated by Mocca through a girl’s point of view who frequently wrote her daily experiences into a diary.

The album started with a song: ‘Once upon a time’ as an intro, and followed by her first encounter with her secret admirer (song: secret admirer), then after a long hesitation (twist me around, what if) she decided to get steady with the boy (me & my boyfriend). Thus, they caught up in a fight (telephone), got broke up(when the moonlight shine), and in the end they understood that they weren’t meant for each other (Rain will fall, Life keeps on turning).

“All songs are written in English, therefore most part of the world could understand the lyrics and it’ll alleviate mocca’s way to go international. ”

Every event was signified by different beat according to the girl’s mood. There are waltz, bossanova, rock n roll even 70’s disco beat.

01. Once Upon A Time
02. Secret Admirer
03. Twist Me Around
04. What If..
05. Me & My Boyfriend
06. Telephone
07. Dream
08. When The Moonlight Shines
09. ..And Rain Will Fall
10. Life Keeps On Turning
11. What If..(acoustic version)
12. Me & My Boyfriend (acoustic version)
13. Goodnight Song


Hampir Sembuh..

Kini tangan (lengan) yang melecur ni hampir bleh la type laju2 balik kat keyboard ni..eheee...nanti dah lengkap siri ceritera lengan melecur ni...episod2 nya akan diuploadka ke blog ni...uhu...begitulah ceritanya..siap je mem-print n binding report terus je ke cc yang lama xdikunjungi ni..ada la dalam seminggu...Inticom Computer Kg Gajah..ahakz..
Sekarang ni ada kegemaran baru...edit gambo...jadi animation la tah memacam lagi..seronok lak.. adobe photoshop, ilustrator, photoscape jadi kegilaan balik wat St..huh...tapi nampaknya xbanyak yang dapat di upload ke cni..kerana akan mendedahkan identiti tungguuuu...St