Monday, December 29, 2008

Lama Xupdate

memang jarang on9 sekarang ni..terlalu banyak kerunsingan yang menggangu.tungu mood datang balik untuk rajin update blog..moga kalian doakan St cepat sembuh (lengan melecur agak teruk). bye..St

Friday, December 19, 2008


hi is my bored i gonna write a new post in english. what happen it is, i dont mind. dat bcoz my 'kepala hotak' is already full with a prob. my dear mocca. my favaorite band in dis moment. so for everyone outside there, i prensent to u a text dat introduce who are the Mocca. enjoy...

Mocca is an Indonesian music band formed in 1997 in Bandung, Indonesia. The band's musical style is inspired by the retro sounds of the 70s, with influences of swing, bossanova, Swedish pop and jazz.


The story began when two best friends, Arina and Riko, decided to get together and form a band while in college. For a year, they struggled with performing other people's music, finding themselves bored with the lack of innovation, at which point they decided to write their own songs. In 1997, they composed four songs that unfortunately were not well-received by the rest of the band. After much squabbling and conflict the band split up, leaving Arina and Riko mystified and alone with their deserted material.

In late 1999, they asked Indra and Toma to join and MOCCA was born. They now had a group with the same vision and awareness of music.

Their debut album "My Diary" contains 13 songs written from a girl's point of view and her diary entries. The album starts with a Once Upon A Time and is followed by a song telling of a first encounter with her Secret Admirer. Then after much hesitation in Twist Me Around, she decides to go steady with the boy in Me & My Boyfriend. In Telephone they break up, understanding that When the Moonlight Shines, they just weren't meant for each other and thus, Rain Will Fall, Life Keeps On Turning.

From waltz and bossanova to 70s disco and rock, each song (all of which are written in English) has a different beat, determined by the girl's mood. When playing live, MOCCA is supported by six additional players on keyboards, guitar, percussion, trumpet, trombone and sax.

Band Members Biography

Arina Ephipania Simangunsong

Birthday: 1978-05-04

Position: Vocalist & Flute

Arina Ephipania Simangunsong(vocals and flute) was born on 4 May 1978 in Bandung, West Java, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the National Institute of Technology in Bandung, together with Riko (guitar).

Her middle name carries a resemblance of the Greek word epiphania, which means ‘manifestation’, often referring to the appearance of a divine being.

Without a doubt, many have testified about the divine beauty of her voice and mystifying stage presence.

A fan of Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, Arina has picked up the right mix of stage gestures and musical dynamics often found in jazz and folk-dixie tunes. Her way of simply having fun on stage is what makes her different from most other performers in Indonesia.

She never tries too hard to impress the audience, instead preferring to express her true feelings through how she sings. For example, her voice in My Diary captures her emotion perfectly.

It is her dream to sing for Walt Disney productions someday. With her outstanding vocal ability, it is hoped by both her and her fans that she won’t have to wait too long for that dream to come true. “Her middle name carries a resemblance of the Greek word epiphania, which means “manifestation,” often referring to the appearance of a divine being.”

Riko Prayitno

Birthday: 1977-01-29

Position: Guitar

Riko Prayitno (guitar) was born on 29 January, 1977 in Bogor, West Java. He, too, graduated from the same college as Arina. He picked up guitar at an early age and began playing professionally with Arina while still in college. To him, a guitar is not just an instrument that one plays, but rather, an extension of the musical ideas constantly evolving in his mind. “Just like Totto-chan was a chatter-box in the classroom, Riko is like a jukebox strumming non-stop from dawn to dusk with his beloved full-sized, full-acoustic red Ibanez.”

An advocate of a famous Japanese book Totto-chan, Riko’s method of playing the guitar is just as playful as the students in the railroad carriage classroom depicted in the book. Just like Totto-chan was a chatter-box in the classroom, Riko is like a jukebox strumming non-stop from dawn to dusk with his beloved full-sized, full-acoustic red Ibanez made from very hard wood ebony, which provides a pure, bright jazz tone with increased presence.

Achmad Pratama / Toma

Birthday: 1976-06-27

Position: Bass

Ahmad Pratama (bass) was born on 27 June, 1976 in Bandung, West Java and has lived there ever since. A product designer by training, Toma has excelled in setting up the key components of their music.

His punctual bass tone accentuates the tempo and rhythm set by Indra’s drumming skill. One may say the way Toma plays the bass resembles the way he walks, talks and sings. Indeed, he is very true to himself both on and off the stage. “One may say the way Toma plays the bass resembles the way he walks, talks and sings.”

Sting and Phil Collins have inspired the way he lives and breathes music. And so has Teh Botol.

Indra Massad

Birthday: 1976-01-31

Position: Drums

Indra Massad (drums) was born on 31 January, 1976 in Medan, North Sumatra. He and Toma studied product design in Bandung together, and joined Mocca at about the same time. Unlike other drummers that use many tom-toms and cymbals, Indra’s prefers the simplicity and versatility of a single snare drum. His brush technique during acoustic sessions acts just like seven different mallets making seven different tones.

“Indra’s prefers the simplicity and versatility of a single snare drum.”

He is well known for his infatuation with toys that he’s kept since childhood. Who knows if he still keeps the little toy drums and old Teh Botol bottles that he grew up with. No doubt about it, he is probably one of the best soulful drummers out there.



  • My Diary (FastForward Records, 2002)
  • Friends (FastForward Records, 2004)
  • Colours (FastForward Records, 2007)

Mini Albums / EP

  • Untuk Rena/For Rena (FastForward Records, 2006)

Singles / Compilation

  • Secret Admirer (Gadis magazine album compilation, 2002)
  • Secret Admirer (Acoustic version) (Ripple Magazine, 13 th edition 2002)
  • Me & Boyfriend (Acoustic version) ("Delicatessen" 2nd compilation, 2002)
  • Me & Boyfriend (MTV Gress compilation, 2004) so sorry if any bloggerz dont like this post..mybe coz its too long...but for anybody very thankful..bye..

Lagi Lirik Mocca

Keletihan...Kepenatan...hanya ini la yang dapat di-update. Buat peminat2 mocca band luar sana...terimalah koleksi lirik lagu mocca...dari rangkuman beberapa album, friend, mydiary n ade lagi ape tah...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mocca - Colours

Arghhhhhhhhh...rasa macam nak menjerit keseronokan.dalam ketensionan St rupanya masih ada pengubat Mocca...i love it...dah dapat dah album diorang yang St cari2 sangat..Colours..denger sampei pagi dong...St


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

9 days after finished my practicum

Inilah ceritanya... report masih belum siap2..ahaks. ni rindu sangat dah ni kat blog kesygan St ni.arini baru ada kesempatan nak ke CC kat KG Gajah yang xde gajah dah ni..kik3. Uhuk...malam tadi kene gigit lipan, sakit dowh..kene beberapa das kat dahi tepi kening.pening dibuatnya. Nak cari keje...nak cari keje. dah cari dah pun , mungkin belum rezeki St, hopefully xla duk di rumah lama sangat, sangat memeningkan memikirkan nak pegang duit sendiri cepat2 ni..uhu...teringat kang gang2 di BTN..uhu terlalu banyak kenangan yang kutinggalkan...makan Pizza Hut bersama, lunch besama, makan nasik lemak pak hamid bersama (eh apasal cite pasal makan je ni)...ha tengok wayang bersama..cite Wanted, James BOnd, Susuk, HighSchool Musical..aku rindu semua itu. St